Thursday, April 25, 2013

AdoptEachOther Inc., Love Can Change The World.

Everybody you see is somebody's parent, sibling, or child.  But what of the young man lucky to have survived a violent home?  What of the transgender girl disowned by her family?  What of the survivor whose family died in an accident?  What about all of those who are alone in the world, with no one to love?  To all of those suffering for someone who cares, love one another.  To whom life overfloweth with it, seek out and take in as family those deserving found, who suffer living without one drop.  If you have love to give, if you need someone to love you, if you want to save a life, or if you need someone to save yours, join  Be each other's brothers.  Adopt an adult to be your grown son.  Adopt a widow as your mother.  Pledge yourselves to each other.  Promise each other a future.

AdoptEachOther: A social support network for the disowned, people whom have lost their families, or those who are otherwise alone in the world to make profiles explaining their stories that allow anyone else to offer to adopt them, which is similar to a facebook friending, but with more of an implication of being a human connection for people that have none, or more of a pseudo parent or sibling as opposed to the unvested online aquaintances that typify modern social networks.

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