Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pictograft: Model-Photographer Micropartnerships

Pictograft is Kickstarter for Picture Sets.
So you are photogenic, love having your picture taken, but don't have 1000's of dollars for a proffesional camera, lights, or training; plus you just want to model, not worry about logistics.
Alternativly, you might own a nice camera and lights, but photography is not your primary source of income for whatever reason.
Connect these two people, let them work out the details between them, and the world gets original content to consume, the model gets a new picture set to use as they wish, and the photog gets turn his services into sonething akin to investable income.
Pictograft will be website for connecting models who seek to profit off their own photos with photographers willing to render their services as a gift loan in exchange for whatever potential returns the they agree upon.

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