Thursday, April 25, 2013

TCombinator Signups

TCombinator Transfounder Incubator.
TCombinator: An Accelerator For Transfounders. TCombinator is a seed stage accelerator for startups with at least one transgender entrepreneur in their founder's group. Our goal is to encourage, educate, facilitate, and assist transpeople in their preparation, introduction, assimilation, and success within the start up realm. Transfounders receive help in such tasks as building minimal viable products for their startups, refining pitches to angel investors and venture capitalists, and gaining acceptance to the larger startup incubators and accelerator programs that inspired and now partner with TCombinator by loaning their coaches, mentors, and connections to a clone of their business model tuned to provide a fast-track to self employment for at risk and/or simply promising members of the transcommunity. The goal, with it's potential to benefit industry through the diversification of insights, talent, and perspectives in the workforce, is to organize a concerted, tactical, and systematic campain to effect the rapid and disruptive alleviation of the discriminatory employment difficulties transpeople are known to face. The recruitment, advisement and assisted placement of transpeople into existing startups currently being incubated or alumna of larger accelerator programs is a secondary goal of TCombinator, as well as providing education, emergency financial assistance, tickets to TCells. TCells are self organizing residential programs funded by TCombinator wherein incubated founders live together and field meetings with visiting coaches, mentors, angels, and investors in their living rooms on a weekly basis while delivering on or renegotiating their milestones/deliverables agreements. To counter act the added pressure and stress of scheduled requirements, requests for expert help, advice, guidance, feedback, domain knowledge, motivation, and therapeutic support are available 24/7 to incubated founders through email, phone call, or text message, with any such request elevated to an emergency call for measures of assistance to TCombinator's board of directors, of which alumni are granted automatic life long membership. The ultimate goal is to save the lives of transgender people facing dire circumstances pressuring them into the sex industry or contributing to suicidal feelings. While serving as an alternative when options are minimal, TCombinator makes no judgments of sex works, being itself founded by ex-escort, current adult actress, and serial entrepreneur Alhena Adams as a for-profit venture for social justice under a blood oath like moral compunction to combat evil against transpeople wherever it exists through empowerment and the simple motto "don't allow evil".

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