Thursday, April 25, 2013

Copyleft Games: Startup Seed

Startup Seed:
A video game where players virtually pitch startup ideas to the avatars of an invite only board of human advisors, one of whom they must convince to endorse and mentor their idea in order to proceed into the heart of a game where they can earn real money by completing tasks laid out for them related to making their start up a reality, right within the game. 
Each task unlocks a different amount of seed money, which is actually distributed to them initially by purchasing a domain name on their behalf when they have earned 10 dollars, server space at 100, incorporation paid for at x dollars, a salary payment at y users, a bonus payment for major media coverage, and so on incrementally such that upon completing the game they have a running profitable startup we as the makers of Startup Seed own a 10 percent stake in, which is intended to compensate us in the long term for the expenditures we incur running the game and distributing funds.
The point is to make it impossible to abuse by delaying the rewards until the last possible moment, and making each individual reward trivial compared to both the work they have already put in and the potential benefit of staying the course in good faith, with the ability for them to exit at any time by selling their 90% stake to the game creators at 25% it's valuation determined by how much they have waiting to be dispensed to them.

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