Thursday, April 25, 2013

HyperRate: A search engine built around hyper local social commentary.

Hyperate: A search engine that allows users to post whatever they like below the fold.  Search phrases, whatever they might be, essentially become like subreddits, in that when you search for something, after seeing a few results up top, you see any posts from people who also searched that term, listed by proximity combined with a karma like score, as all these posts can be up and down voted.  For an example use-case, if I did a search for "plumber" on hyperate, I'd like the links to be the sites of plumbers in the area, and the commentary to be the plumber's themselves knowing that by sticking up posts and interacting in the comment section, they can drive excellent leads to their business.  Essentially a mash-up of Google, Craigslist, and Reddit into one website.

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