Thursday, April 25, 2013

A smartphone app that is distributed by owners of businesses structured around appointments that minimizes time spent in waiting rooms via functionality that monitors patient smartphone gps data and compares it with the provider's office location to determine if patients are on their way to their appointment, and checking them in automatically if they are, and are on track to making it on time.  Apps would also serve for scheduling appointments, reminding patients if they are not on track that they need to get moving to make it on time with a voice alarm so as to not distract patients that may be driving a vehicle, and escalating up to phone calls if the patient has not left their house at the time needed to make it on time, obsequiesely connecting patients to providers on conference calls originated by the system appearing as incoming calls to both parties that are fired automatically under that condition.

The core technology would be customized with customer logos and color schemes into sellable prototype demo apps used to drive sales as follows:
Approach a potential customer; a dentist, doctor, bondsman or lawyer's office with an android app built specifically for them, using their logo, website color scheme, etc. for them to give away to their customers to be used for setting appointments, filling out paperwork, alerting they have been arrested or need bonding. Offer to sell it to them on the spot for x dollars.  Charge for additional customizations.

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