Thursday, April 25, 2013

Restartonomix: Hyperlocal Knowlcoms

Federated Entrepreneurship Through Community Owned Companies:
Municipalities start companies to compete with local business for non public business, and it's revenue goes into a community economic development fund and provides jobs for residents.

Distributed Oppurtunity Through Open Partial Jobs:
Companies turn jobs into job slices that can be picked up by anyone for which proof of task completions, not qualification,s, are the pay metric.

Meritocratous Compensation Through Task Oriented Pay:
Some jobs are turned into task pinboards anyone can do, such that their doing creates a record of completion whose democratic review drives payment rendition.

Non-Protectionist Manufacturing Base Revitalization as a Service:
Online store only for products made 100% in the USA that allows users to list for sale whatever they can produce.

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