Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hacking the World Through Games

Priorium: An A Priori Learning MMORPG An entire 4th grade through Post graduate Education made available via a website, reinforced by a game, Prioriverse.  AI determines education level, section to skip to, reads like a universal text book with all subjects taught in tandem through learning slices. Learning and knowlede are measured through random quizes.  Operates like an MMORPG, attaining knowledge endows users with the ability to use learned forms in his alchemy, spells, smithing, technology, weapons, armor, commerce.  Make the aquisition of knowledge a way to level up. CodeWar: A game that corrects errors in Darpa Code to advance national defense capability. The game engine encapsulates software bugs as codeblocks and (sample input, expected output) string pairs, escalated from failed test scripts.  The game bills itself, and is, the programmers equivalent of ender's game, used to identify talented youths for scholarships to study computer science as a future talent pool growing capability assurance project.  In addition, monetary rewards are offered for challenging bugs, and user profiles display bugs solved when appropriate. A game starts by both the io pair and then codeblock being displayed to the user, along with the question, is there a bug? If there is no bug, and user correctly answered as much, the user gets a point and moves onto the next potential bug.  If it is a bug, and the user catches it, he is given 60 seconds to edit the code block and correct it, and gets ten points if he suceeds.  If he fails to correct it, he gets 1 point for having spotted the bug. If player answers incorrectly at the first step that there is a bug, when their isn't, or that there is no bug, when there is, player loses 1 and 2 points, respectively.  Since a compiler might have caught the bug, they are given a 90 second time frame to correct it for 7 points, yielding a net of 5 points for bug fixes arising from originally wrong answers.  Points are spent on retry's of failed code correction attempts, for 2 points, and debugs, which are attempts to run corrected code with sample input so as to trace through execution of the block before submiting it; costing the player 5 points for a second try complete with a trace of the current code block to possibly clarify their error. Screen Haxe: A different fps fps game where killstreaks make field of view become less blurry, but 3 nearest enemies field of views are also shown. On spawn, player seeks to determine their location on the map through their blurry field of view and by screen hacking.

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