Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hollywood Killer Redux

In response to my comment on Ben Werd's blog post responding to YCombinators call for a Hollywood Killing Startup linking to my original pitch, an anonymous benefactor provided a slightly different appoach:

"Set up a joint github/kickstarter/stock market approach. Individuals could volunteer to do work on a project or to contribute funds for a project – whether the project is a simple audio reading of MacBeth or a full-scale interactive movie/ARG endeavor. Users could rate the contributions of volunteers, such that volunteers would earn a rating for the different types of contributions they make (e.g., writing, animations). If someone volunteered to work on a project that earned a profit they could earn a share.

At the very least, this model should work really well during the planning, writing, and coding phases of a project. For example, it should work for completely audio works or completely animation projects. When a project gets to the point that it needs “actors” and a “set”, the project owner could choose (or set up a mechanism for others to collaboratively choose) the actors, set builders, set dressers, etc. from the volunteers through a combination of audio auditions and volunteers’ ratings. Likewise, project owners could choose which contributions to include – so a project owner starting the audio recording of MacBeth could have multiple actors do the role of Duncan and then choose which contribution to integrate. But anyone could access the contributions made by all the Duncan volunteers. Depending on the original project’s IP, then someone else could conceivably aggregate different volunteers’ contributions and do an altogether different audio recording of MacBeth.

If a project gets large enough that it needs resources and contributions that can’t be done solely online, then they could seek funding volunteers, aka kickstarter – but with a more community feedback.

As for IP concerns, the project owner would determine the IP of the entire project and this would be made available to potential volunteers, funders, and users. So, if there are two different sci-fi whodunits, one with an open IP project and one with a traditional IP, then there may be volunteers that would only work on one or the other, the same for funders, and the same for users.

If studios want to get involved, they would do so in the same way anyone else would.

A slightly different approach January 22, 2012 (8:33 pm)"

My response to the mystery man:

"I like your spin on the content creator stock market. The solution seems to allow copyleft vs. copyright to be voted on like everything else on a per-entity basis. Every object a business entity, is the mantra, of which shares can be bought, sold and used to compose project components, whole projects, project anthologies, or anthology collections: actors, treatments, scripts, films, directors, writers, books, musicians, songs, individual instrumental or vocal performances, art pieces, artists, etc. Investors can invest in any object as if it were its own stock with objects wrapped within complex entities recieving their due portion such that all revenue ends up in the hands of content creators and their investors.

Allison Mobley January 22, 2012 (9:08 pm)"

I'm posting this to invite further discussion and feedback, and as a minimal viable product I'm selling 1 dollar shares in myself, the entertainment enitity, my vote is that my content be copyleft, my distribution be through a unique subreddit, and my content be clothed, classy, artistic images of myself.  Anyone interested in becoming a stock themselves or investing in mine should contact me at

I'm looking to create an open source,social, content creators stock market and patronage app that allows models, actors, writers, directors, and artists to profit off releasing open source content by turning themselves into a stock.  The idea is to undo sopa and similar pro copyright legislation by making copyfree, pay what you want, the new norm. Shares sold raise capital that is split 50/50 between the content creator and their share holders as dividends.  Thus the app offers the most financial incentive to investors when buying into new stocks, discovering fresh talent  and launching careers.  By the time enough shares have been sold, the creator has already achieved a form of fame and has a following. For these followers, further investments offer less of a financial incentive and more of the personal, righteous reward that comes from being a patron to their favorite content creators allowing them to continue releasing copyfree content upon which sopa has no bearing. Creators download the app or visit it's web front end and turn themselves into a stock. They can copy and paste a widget that allows them to sell their stock from everywhere.  Share holders become members of a board of directors that suggest direction for the creator to take with their work. After setting up stock on the site or app, it becomes a way to interact with their shareholders in a reddit like forum. Investors use the site/app to discover new stocks, buy or sell shares, or make posts or comments on the boards they are share holding members of. I am open to partnerships and mentorship related to this project.My goal is to profit from my invention as a user would, by selling my own stock like any other (I am a transwoman model, actress, writer, director and adult business enitity in addition to an entrepreneur: you are now being pitched to by Alhena Adams) and to render sopa irrelevant. My prior art intended to protect the invention from malicious copyright by someone other than myself exists at I intend to keep it copy free, unpatented, to encourage open source contribution to its codebase and ensure the permanent disarmament of copyright-justified anti free speech legislation.

Allison Mobley

In response to questions as to my motive or the smartness of revealing by alter ego while seeking venture capital and establishing my reputation as a founder: I'm not ashamed. I challenge anyone to prove that I ought to be. That income allows me to develop my own startups and ideas with minimal distractions.  The proof is in the pudding.

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