Thursday, April 25, 2013

P2P Telecom

P2P Telecom recycles legacy cell phones, monitors, computers, and software to create wireless signal transmittal/recieiving boxes.  Customers keep the box in their homes, and the connect to other boxes in range of their own , and can download an app that they can transfer to a smart phone not currently  subscribed to one of the big telecoms that let's them use it to call/text/surf within the constraints of the peer to peer network, meaning people would have to tell their friends and neighbors to get these boxes so that eventually the country is covered by the peer to peer network and we have a people's telecom company, the infrastructure of which is owned, operated, and maintained voluntarily by the public. This hardware in every home idea would provide the basis for further capabilities to be added to boxes, as a long term goal would be to eventually build 3d printing capabilities into the boxes so people can download and print there own medicines, as well as other boxes. The boxes grant those that host them in their homes pay what you want cell phone connectivity, and their share of the profits generated from selling smartphone connectivity at an affordable price to those whom for whatever reason cannot host a box in their homes. The idea is to be seen to be, and actually be responsible for, driving worldwide connectivity and opportunity simultaneously; ombining entrepreneurship, social good, and incentivized user hosted distributed infrastructure into a product that can disrupt the telecom industry.

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